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Dr.Clauder’s celebrates double success in the big Deutschland Test:
1st place in ‘GERMANY’S BEST 2022’ & ‘PRICE WINNER’
in the pet food category

Responsible pet nutrition – this is our most important message and guideline for everything we do. Our products boast the highest quality ‘Made in Germany’ at a fair price. We are pleased that our customers realise this as well: The results of the surveys ‘Price Winner 2022‘ and ‘Germany’s Best 2022’ by Focus Money magazine and DEUTSCHLAND TEST prove it: With the maximum score of 100 points, we ranked first in the pet food industry in each case (category ‘Price Winner: Price-performance ratio’).*

Here you can read what the studies are based on and which factors influenced the results.

The overall result at a glance:

Price Winner 2022

Award-Winning Companies / Brands

Germany’s best 2022

Award-Winning Companies / Brands

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The well-being of our animals

The results of both surveys – conducted by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) – are based on ‘Social Listening’, an extensive data analysis. The objective of this method is to capture customer opinions on brands and their products with regard to ‘price’ and ‘overall impression’ or the brand image. To collect this data, a targeted search is conducted on the internet and in social channels for statements related to these aspects. Both surveys are based on extensive sources: The ‘Price Winner 2022’ survey examined a total of about 19,000 companies or brands, and around 11 million mentions could be identified and analysed. For the ‘Germany’s Best 2022’ survey, 20,000 companies or brands were put to the test. The results are based on around 58 million mentions of companies.

The customer opinion of Dr.Clauder’s is definitive: From the customers’ point of view, the cost-benefit ratio is right and the brand is outstanding – 100 out of 100 possible points speak for themselves. But the results also clearly show something else: in addition to rational reasons for buying our products, emotional added values also play a key role.

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As a responsible pet owner, you have probably asked yourself one or more of the following questions when you are choosing food for your pet:

  • Does the assortment cover the individual needs of my pet?
  • Are the ingredients of high quality?
  • Does the food have an additional benefit for my pet – for example, does it strengthen its joints?
  • Where do the raw materials for the food come from?
    Can I trust the manufacturer?
  • Is the food natural? I don’t want any additives to harm my four-legged friend!
  • Is the manufacturer committed to animal welfare?

Our products answer all these questions and provide added value.

Best Price-Performance ratio with highest quality

‘People and animals appreciate our consistent efforts in the production of our diverse products, because they know that we offer an unmistakably delicious taste without artificial additives and that we attach great importance to the proven origin of raw materials and sustainable added value.’

Dr.Clauder’s Managing Director Malte Hübers on the results of the surveys


Customers are aware of the fact that we are not making any compromises in terms of quality. It plays a key role in the image of a company or a brand in addition to the price-performance ratio. This is precisely why customers rate Dr.Clauder’s as ‘Germany’s best’ in the pet food category.* Quality is in great demand.

It is no coincidence that Dr.Clauder’s is the price winner and Germany’s best pet food brand in the opinion of its customers: Our products and what they represent provide good reasons – click on the symbols to find out more:

This is what distinguishes our brands and products:

1. Individual food solutions

The comprehensive Dr.Clauder’s assortment is as unique as your pet and provides the right product for every taste, age, size and feeding method. From sensitive stomachs to special dietary needs: Call our nutrition hotline to find out which product is best for you. This way, you don’t have to leave anything to chance when it comes to your beloved four-legged friend.

2. Own production in Germany

Dr.Clauder’s are manufactured in-house. The in-house R&D team ensures that they are always composed and processed according to the latest scientific findings. This way, we can always provide pet food of the highest quality – Made in Germany.
Our concept is sustainable and creates trust.

3. Each product with additional benefits

In order to fulfil the individual needs of our four-legged friends, each of the approximately 500 products in the Dr.Clauder’s range features a unique additional benefit: from strengthening of joints to supporting the gastrointestinal tract or enhancing the fur. This way you do something good for your pet with every meal.

4. Verifiable origin of raw materials

The origin of the ingredients is very important to the brand. Therefore, the quality level of the products is reinforced through traceability of the raw materials. Furthermore, Dr.Clauder’s continuously undergoes certification according to the strict IFS Food standard – because we know that the welfare of your animals is in our hands.

5. Without artificial additives

For our production, we use only high-quality ingredients and refrain from using unnecessary, artificial additives. We also hold our suppliers accountable by expecting a 100% transparent declaration. Out of consideration for the sensitive stomachs of our four-legged friends, our motto here is ‘What you see on the label is what’s inside’.

6. For the love of pets

The relationship between humans and pets is characterised by empathy and responsibility, which is why are committed to the highest level of animal welfare of and enforce it throughout the company. Our love of animals is the incentive for the development of our products.

As a pet owner, you can trust our products and services. After all, trust is the key to a strong relationship between humans and pets, as well as between customers and companies. Our mission ‘Responsible pet nutrition’ is not only an active pledge and commitment to our customers – at Dr.Clauder’s, it also symbolises everything we believe in and stand for. The results of the ‘Price Winner 2022’ and ‘Germany’s Best 2022’ surveys confirm that we are on the right track.*

Background information on the surveys

The annual ‘Price Winner’ and ‘Germany’s Best’ surveys are based on the social listening method and are carried out in two phases. In the first phase, the Institute for Management and Economic Research analyses websites, social media channels or news sites to find out which brands or companies are mentioned and ‘how’ are talked about.

Source base for ‘Price Winner 2022’: 19,000 companies or brands were analysed. In the process, around 11 million mentions within the investigation period from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 were identified and recorded in a database.

Source base for ‘Germany’s Best 2022’: Around 58 million mentions for around 20,000 companies and brands could be identified and allocated within the survey period between April 2021 and April 2022.

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Milionen Quellen

In the second phase, the collected data is processed and analysed according to the specifications of the respective survey objective. A three-stage evaluation takes place for the categories ‘value for money’ and ‘brand image’ based on the following core questions:

  • Which brand is mentioned?
  • How is the topic ‘value for money’ or the brand discussed?
  • What is the tonality of the text fragment?

The mentions are evaluated with a sentiment analysis and rated as positive, neutral or negative. A conversion key then converts the results into comparable point values. Dr.Clauder’s scored 100 points in each of the current surveys, setting the benchmark for the pet food industry.